Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate: This Is Where They Live
The project is about Living experiences on the Alexandra& Ainsworth Estate. It was designed in a brutalist style in 1968 by Neave Brown of Camden Council's Architects Department. Estate (commonly known as Rowley Way) have seen their landmark estate depicted on film and TV for years, often incorrectly as a crime ridden hell-hole. Residents decided to make their own film exploring the ideas behind the design of the estate and in the process interviewed neighbours, the architect who designed the estate and others, which is One Below The Queen, Rowley Way Speaks for Itself.
Compared with the documentary ten years ago, I was wondering if there will be different voices from tenants nowadays so I started interviewing residents and recording it by illustrations to tell their stories. A total of 6 residents were interviewed by the project.
Could you please introduce yourself?
I am Michael, I and my husband moved from New York, and we fell in love with it (the estate) immediately. Because I have architectural history background and Matthew has done a lot of graphic work for architects and designers so he has an affinity for architecture. We both really like brutalist architecture.
Are there community events on the estate?
Do you think the building has any positive or negative parts?
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